Link between selenium deficiency and heart failure

A research study at Lund University shows that there is an association between selenium deficiency and an increased risk of developing heart failure. The risk is twice as high for individuals with low selenium levels.

This article was originally published as a press release from Lund University. 

Heart failure is a common condition affecting 250 000 Swedes. In heart failure, the heart cannot pump enough blood into the body, and the disease is associated with a poor prognosis. Since the 1960s, it has been known that chronic selenium deficiency leads to an aggressive type of heart failure, primarily affecting children and young people in areas with selenium-poor soil.
"Already in 2019, our research group demonstrated that selenium deficiency is linked to a worsened prognosis in patients with established heart failure", says Martin Magnusson, cardiologist at Skåne University Hospital, adjunct professor at Lund University, and Clinical Fellow at the Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine.