Employee benefits

We spend a good deal of our waking lives at work. That’s why it’s important to feel good and strike a balance between work and leisure time. As a staff member of Skåne University Hospital, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits and opportunities.

Introduction, clinical base year, personal mentor

If you are new in your profession, we offer you a thorough professional introduction, structured especially for you. Our clinical base year will provide you with lectures, training in clinical skills and a personal mentor to ease your transition from studies to your new profession.

Opportunities for continuing education and advancement

Departments and units offer lectures and educational programmes in their respective areas. If you are a registered nurse, radiology nurse, occupational therapist, audiologist, physiotherapist or a biomedical analyst and want to specialize, there are opportunities to receive a salary during your education. 

Skåne University Hospital offers many opportunities for elected or other positions of trust for those interested in the environment or leading or advising others. There are also opportunities here for those who wish to do research.

Preventative health care allowance

You can receive up to SEK 3,000 per calendar year. You can also receive a subsidy toward the cost of medication you may need to help you quit smoking.

Flexible working hours

In many sections of Skåne University Hospital, you’ll have flexitime and will be able to influence your work schedule and, in general, how you want to work. 

Paid annual leave

If you receive a monthly salary, you can get paid annual leave from the very first year you are employed at Skåne University Hospital. When you turn 40 years old, you will be given six additional days of paid annual leave, for a total of 31, and when you turn 50 years old,  you’ll get one additional day of annual leave, so that you’ll get a total of 32 days per year.

Expanded parental leave

You are entitled to full parental leave until your child reaches the age of three. From then until your child turns 12 years old, you are entitled to  up to 25 %. You will not lose any pension points by taking parental leave.


Skåne University Hospital has a library for personnel and their relatives both in Lund and Malmö. You can borrow books, search (and learn how to search) medical databases and read professional journals and course literature and medical periodicals. You can even arrange to borrow materials from other libraries, and so much more.

Workplace insurance

Compensation from the first day for workplace injuries.

Occupational health care

You can consult with our supplier of occupational health both for preventive and rehabilitative health services.

Career support

Do you want to grow in your profession, become a leader, change jobs or workplaces within Skåne University Hospital? Skåne University Hospital Career Support can provide you with guidance and information about the opportunities that are open to you, and how you can utilize them.

Pension salary exchange

You can trade part of your salary for a pension contribution. That means that you allocate an amount of your salary to your pension, and thereby delay paying tax on that amount until the day you draw on your pension.