About the hospital

24 hours at Skåne University Hospital

As the third largest hospital in Sweden, Skåne University Hospital offers a full range of highly specialised care, research and education.

Skåne University Hospital has units in both Malmö and Lund, where a total of 12,000 employees belonging to more than 100 different professions and occupations work. We provide national specialised medical care in several areas.

Research at Skåne University Hospital is closely tied to point-of-care treatment and done in co-operation with Lund University.

Clinical trainings

We teach and supervise students who will eventually become our colleagues in the future. Students of all professional categories (physiotherapists, registered nurses, social workers, doctors, practical nurses, etcetera) receive their clinical training (VFU) with us.

Patient advice

We also work with activities that promote health and prevent illness. Our health unit provide patients with advice and support regarding habits and lifestyle in connection with visits to our facilities. We know, for example, that an operation has a greater probability of success if the patient stops smoking six weeks prior to it and stops drinking alcohol four weeks before.

A total of 12,000 employees belonging to more than 100 different professions and occupations work at Skåne University Hospital.

On an ordinary day at Skåne University Hospital

All numbers here refer to the daily average for 2021.

  • 22 babies are born.
  • 420 people visit the emergency wards.
  • 129 patients undergo operations (based on an average of visits from Monday to Friday).
  • 1 071 patients are cared for (as in-patients).
  • 1 830 examinations are done at the radiological and diagnostic centres.
  • 5 research papers are published.
  • 2 500 students are receive training.

In addition, there are:

  • About seven kilometres of culverts.
  • An area of 421,000 m² (or just short of 59 football pitches) that needs to be cleaned.