Internal medicine

Internal medicine specialises in treating patients who are seriously ill with major endemic diseases. Our patients often have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, diabetes or infections. Many patients have a combination of a number of diseases, and we are particularly skilled at managing these.

There are four internal medicine departments in Malmö, and one in Lund. There are also two emergency departments where we provide care to the most seriously ill patients.

Our medical clinics see patients with chest pain, heart failure, high blood pressure and other conditions. Our diagnostic centre examines patients with severe disease. Our outpatient departments in Malmö and Lund treat patients who do not need to be admitted to hospital. We also have mobile hospital teams in Malmö and Lund who care for patients in their own homes as an alternative to admission to hospital.

Internal medicine and emergency care are one unit, which facilitates matters in our ambition to provide patients with good, safe care from admission to discharge.


We conduct distinguished award-winning research at our unit on both a national and an international level. We publish about 140 high-quality articles in international journals each year, on average.

Our research aims to improve the prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment of our major endemic diseases, both in the acute phase and in the long term. Our hub is one of Sweden’s largest clinical research departments (Clinical Research Unit Internal Medicine) linking our patient-centred activities with everything from population studies to advanced molecular biological analyses.