Memory disorders

The memory disorders unit is a specialised unit offering assessment and treatment of memory disorders and suspected dementia in both older and younger people.

There are three outpatient clinics at the unit: the specialised memory clinic, the memory health clinic and the mobile outpatient team. It also includes the clinical drug trials unit.


Intensive research into dementia is ongoing. We are playing a key role in this field, both nationally and internationally. There are three main strands to our research:

  • to improve diagnostics
  • to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms behind the diseases
  • to create better treatment options for people with dementia.

Our research is conducted in collaboration with the Clinical Memory Research Unit at Lund University.

Biofinder study

Biofinder study is a project being run in collaboration with Lund University. This project is one of the biggest in the world in its field and includes a number of studies.

These studies all have in common the fact that they are based on extensive research material comprising more than 1,000 individuals. The group includes both patients suffering from memory disorders and healthy individuals who are being monitored over a longer period.

Skåne Centre of Excellence – in Health

We are a Skåne Centre of Excellence in Health. This distinction is presented to healthcare organisations at the very forefront of clinical practice, research and development.