Neonatal care

The neonatal care units in Lund and Malmö are tasked with caring for premature babies and sick newborns. We are also tasked with caring for the very smallest and sickest babies born in the Southern Healthcare Region.

We specialise in neonatal care and strive every day to make a difference by making a strong commitment to children and their families. We work in interdisciplinary teams around children and families, and caring and joy permeate our working environment.

It goes without saying that parents are able to remain with their children at our three units, as this is a very important element in the children’s well-being. We work with the NIDCAP nursing model that focuses on developmental care and emphasis on the family. We are one of two NIDCAP training centres in Sweden.

Neonatal care at Skåne University Hospital also offers music therapy. Hearing is the first sense to develop. Sound helps babies to feel calm and be comforted, while also giving parents a way to bond with their children.

There is good cooperation in neonatal care in the Southern Healthcare Region. The highly specialised intensive care department in Lund is part of a national cooperation with the five regional centres for premature babies in Sweden (Gothenburg, Linköping, Stockholm, Uppsala, Umeå), but also works internationally with neonatal clinics around the world.


Active research is a key driver for the continued positive development of care for sick newborns. This research is integrated into clinical care pathways, both during intensive care and at follow-up visits with the growing child.

The objective of our research projects is to develop strategies to support normal development and growth in extremely premature babies and to enhance understanding of drug therapy in severely ill newborns. This research is conducted in close collaboration with Lund University and encourages doctoral training among both nurses and doctors.