Skåne University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Skåne University Hospital is part of the Skåne University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Centre. Within the centre, we share responsibility for all cancer care and research. Every year, more than 10,000 patients are treated at the centre.

We receive patients locally, regionally and from all over the southern healthcare region. We also have national assignments for highly specialised care in several diagnostic groups.

Developing patient-oriented research

One of Skåne University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Centre's major assignments is to work to ensure that research quickly benefits patients. A large part of the research is carried out in collaboration with national and international research networks and research groups. 

Within the centre, Lund University, Skåne University Hospital and all stakeholders collaborate to create sustainable structures for the development of clinical patient-oriented research.

Providing cancer care of highest quality

The goal of Skåne University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Centre is to provide cancer care and cancer research of the highest international quality based on patient needs, research-based treatment methods and innovations. 

The centre will:

• Have a clear management structure, with the involvement of patients, staff and relatives.
• Be designed to involve patients and their families in the development of care, research and education.
• Support the establishment of high quality clinical patient-oriented research and that basic and translational research is of international competitiveness.
• Have patient-safe and person-oriented care of optimal quality. Patients should be offered the best possible diagnosis, treatment and care according to modern principles.
• Provide quality-assured training to patients and relatives and continue to develop training and skills training for students and staff.
• Be a workplace that attracts and retains employees in all professional categories. Employees within the centre should be involved in developing the business and work in an educational environment where employees share their knowledge.

The centre aims to achieve these goals before the year 2027. 

A close collaboration

The centre is a collaboration between Skåne University Hospital, Lund University, Regional Cancer Centre South, Medical Services and Palliative Care and ASIH within primary care.


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