Support research at Skåne University Hospital

Do you want to support research at Skåne University Hospital? We gladly accept support through gifts, donations, wills and memorial endowments. Businesses and organisations can also donate to our research.

You will be given an opportunity to choose the research area you wish your gift to benefit. We do our utmost to manage the funds in the best way we can. Less than one percent of the contributions we receive is spent on administration, with the rest going directly to research.

You can contribute money, securities, real estate and other assets. Skåne University Hospital has special personnel who can explain in greater detail what we do, how the procedure of donating works, and how we manage gifts and donations. We are required to follow certain rules when we accept gifts.


If you want to know more about the different research areas and the procedure for donations, our foundations and donations specialists will be happy to explain these matters in greater detail.

Phone: 046-17 33 92 (Monday-Friday 9-16)