Renal medicine

We provide highly specialised care in both Malmö and Lund. Our primary focus is the large group of patients who have chronic diseases leading to kidney failure.

Diabetes, inflammatory systemic diseases, hereditary conditions and vascular disease are common underlying conditions among our patients. In addition, we often treat and investigate acute conditions at our inpatient units in Lund and Malmö.

We have extensive experience of advanced treatments using blood purification techniques such as haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and apheresis (plasma exchange therapy). We assist other departments with regard to severe immunological diseases, performing apheresis to remove antibodies that cause disease.

We perform kidney transplant assessments in Malmö, and our department cares for these patients before and after transplantation. Most patients are monitored at our clinic for the first year after transplantation.

Several forms of blood purification by dialysis are available for patients with severe kidney failure – peritoneal dialysis, automated peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis, self-dialysis and home dialysis. Patients who are able to administer their own haemodialysis treatment are monitored in Lund. We have expertise in and experience of dialysis catheters for all types of dialysis. These are inserted by nephrologists.