Oncology and radiation physics

Oncology cares for and treats patients with various cancers, while radiation physics is responsible for matters such as radiation safety and medical device safety. We work together with Lund University to conduct highly specialised research with a view to improving the treatment of cancers and care for patients with cancer.

We train future assistant nurses, medical secretaries, physiotherapists, nurses, specialist nurses, doctors and researchers.

In the field of radiation physics, we work with both ionising and non-ionising radiation. This includes radioactive substances in both diagnostics and therapy. We also hold region-wide responsibility for radiation safety and medical device safety. We offer expertise and services to all relevant organisations in Region Skåne.

A total of some 900 people work at this unit. 


Our research is outstanding in a number of areas. This research focuses on developing new and improved treatment methods in both medical oncology and radiotherapy. Research is also conducted into how to prevent, treat and/or alleviate symptoms related to cancer or cancer therapy. Much of our research is conducted together with national and international research networks and research groups.