Hand surgery

Hand surgery at Skåne University Hospital provides care for children and adults with various diseases and injuries to the hands. We conduct extensive highly specialised clinical activities, training and internationally renowned research.

The hand surgery unit is situated in Malmö and comprises a clinic, a ward, a surgical department and a rehabilitation clinic. Our catchment area covers the Southern Health Region, with around 1.8 million inhabitants.

Our hand surgery department performs highly specialised surgery on all tissues, including nerves, tendons, bones, vessels, ligaments and sliding surfaces. Examples of these operations include keyhole surgery, wrist surgery, joint replacement surgery, microsurgery and surgery to correct hand deformities and birth injuries.

Our clinics are visited by around 40,000 patients every year. More than 3,500 hand surgeries are performed in our specially equipped surgical department.

We are involved in running the HAKIR national quality register, which quickly provides valuable information on quality of care in terms of patient satisfaction, complications and differences in outcomes between different surgical methods. This register is also a good source for clinical research.


Our specialties include nerve and flexor tendon injuries, keyhole surgery, wrist surgery, joint replacements, microsurgery and surgery to correct hand deformities and birth injuries. Clinical and experimental research is conducted in these areas in collaboration with other research groups, both in Sweden and elsewhere.