Dermatology and sexual healthcare

We specialise in all types of skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. Our activities are conducted partly within the framework of healthcare choices, and partly within highly specialised care.

The dermatology unit includes clinics in both Malmö and Lund, as well as specific specialised activities and day care. Experts in skin tumours, psoriasis, eczema/allergies, leg ulcers, extreme sweating and sexually transmitted diseases work at the clinics.

Both cities offer light therapy and bath therapy. The tumour unit conducts extensive surgical activities that also include skin transplants and what is known as Mohs surgery for larger skin tumours that are and more difficult to define.

Occupational skin diseases are managed at the Occupational and Environmental Dermatology Clinic in Malmö. Our activities in respect of sexually transmitted diseases are centred on the Skin Clinic Centre for Sexual Health in Malmö and the Skin Clinic for Genital Diseases in Lund.


Our research in the fields of dermatology and venereology is outstanding. For instance, we are running a number of projects on subjects such as eczema, contact allergies, psoriasis and skin tumours.

We use various networks to exchange experiences and information with other clinics from all over the world.