Thoracic surgery

We perform surgery on the heart, lungs and chest. We are the biggest centre in Sweden in this field, and work around the clock with patients from many parts of the country.

Since 2008, we have been one of two hospitals commissioned by the National Board of Health and Welfare to provide national highly specialised care for heart and lung transplantation. This means that we take care of patients from the Stockholm area and eastern and southern Sweden. We also operate on adults with Grown-up congenital heart disease (GUCH) who are in need of surgery.

We are part of the Thoracic and vascular unit, which employs around 450 people.


One important goal of our research is to develop new and better methods for thoracic surgery and anaesthesia. Many of our projects link issues in daily care with clinical studies and experimental research.

Transplantation research in particular has been greatly expanded in recent years and has made significant progress. We are also focusing increasingly on developing nursing care in order to meet all our patients’ needs.