The urology unit treats patients with diseases of the urinary tract and male genitalia.

The unit’s work is dominated by cancer care, the major groups being patients with prostate cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer. There are also large groups of patients with benign conditions such as neuro-urological disorders and urinary tract stones.

Surgical treatment is at the forefront, including robot-assisted surgeries such as robotic cystectomies, robotic prostatectomies and robot-assisted nephrectomies and kidney resections. This unit is one of two national centres for penile cancer. The neuro-urological services are partly diagnostic (cystometry) and partly surgical (implant surgery for male incontinence and erectile dysfunction). We are a national leader in laparoscopic surgery for hydronephrosis.

Inpatient care is provided mainly in Malmö, but also in Landskrona. Outpatient care is provided in Malmö, Lund, Landskrona and Trelleborg.

A total of some 250 people work at this unit.


Our dominant research activity focuses on cancer. The unit maintains a very prominent position in prostate and bladder cancer research (both clinical and translational). Active research into penile and kidney cancer has also begun to be conducted in recent years. As regards neuro-urological disorders, translational research on bladder function has been conducted for a long time in collaboration with the Biomedical Centre in Lund, as well as patient-centred research on urinary incontinence.

Several of these areas are receiving significant funding from major external funding bodies. Research activities thus range from pure experimental research to translational research and patient-centred research. Doctors, nurses and urotherapists are all involved. There are therefore plenty of opportunities to conduct research in any area, and such efforts are encouraged. We have access to medical and nursing staff with doctorates who act as supervisors.