Our Haematology and Coagulation unit provides extensive care for patients afflicted with a myriad of malignant and benign conditions. Operating across both Lund and Malmö, we uphold regional responsibilities, particularly in acute leukaemia and stem cell transplantation, alongside our national obligations in collaboration with Stockholm and Gothenburg for managing patients with inherited bleeding disorders.

Additionally, we organise and manage the work of the Coagulation Centre, which forms a functional unit together with a number of the hospital’s other specialist clinics.


Our research is part of the Coagulation Centre Malmö, which is a highly specialised centre for bleeding and clotting disorders within Region Skåne. The combination of both clinical and chemical expertise is unique and includes the Coagulation Clinic, which is a unit within the Medical Clinic, and the Coagulation Laboratory, which is a unit within Clinical Chemistry at Skåne University Hospital. The Coagulation Centre is the national centre for the assessment of patients with bleeding and clotting disorders, and patients or blood samples are sent from virtually all over Sweden for investigation.

The coagulation unit in Malmö was named Scandinavia’s only International Treatment and Training Centre by the World Federation of Hemophilia in 1974. In this capacity, we have accepted many haemophilia patients from other countries for assessment and treatment, often with regard to severe complications of the disease. Furthermore, we are often visited by foreign doctors and other health professionals for training purposes.