Significant donation of 250 million SEK enhances breast cancer care in the Skåne Region

The contribution aims to support the establishment of a breast cancer care centre, along with an expansion of the radiation facility.
The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust has pledged a substantial donation of approximately 250 million SEK to Skåne University Hospital. The contribution aims to support the establishment of a dedicated breast cancer care centre at the hospital campus in Malmö, along with the expansion of the radiation facility at the Lund campus.

The donation, previously announced by the trust in 2020, has received formal approval from the Regional Council, contingent upon securing approximately 100 million SEK in co-financing to cover additional expenses not addressed by the donation.

Enhancing patient care through with consolidation of disciplines

Central to this initiative is the consolidation of essential expertise in a physical centre located at the Malmö hospital campus. Silke Engelholm, Head of the Department of Haematology, Oncology, and Radiation Physics at Skåne University Hospital, underscores the overarching goal:
"To create seamless and person-centered care of high standard at all stages of the disease, improving medical quality, nursing, and the psychosocial well-being of breast cancer patients."

The centre will facilitate close multidisciplinary collaboration, streamlining the investigation, consultation, and treatment of breast cancer patients.
"The donation provides the opportunity to physically consolidate all breast cancer care across professions, offering an opportunity to enhance existing standards of care" says Stefan Santén, Head of the Department of Surgery and Gastroenterology at Skåne University Hospital.

Incorporating innovative MR-Linac technology for improved treatment

A noteworthy aspect of the donation is the integration of a modern MR-Linac system in Lund, combining imaging and radiotherapy delivery. This advanced technology refines radiation treatment, targeting tumors more precisely and adapting to movements such as breathing. It introduces new possibilities for treating tumors that were previously challenging to irradiate.

Hans and Julia Rausing, in a joint statement, conveyed their commitment to the region: "With this donation, we want to give back to a region that has been so important to our family. Cancer is a devastating disease that affects people everywhere, and we hope this investment will improve outcomes for cancer patients in the Skåne region."

Fully operational by 2027

The construction of the physical centre in Malmö is expected to commence in 2024, with plans for full operational functionality by 2027.
"We are pleased that the work can now begin. The design of the building will be decided in collaboration between the hospital's operations, patient representatives, and Region Skåne’s real estate organisation,” says Per Ola Kimblad, Deputy CEO at Skåne University Hospital.

The procurement of an MR-Linac will be done during the autumn of 2023. At the same time, preparations for the building it will be installed in at the hospital site in Lund will begin. The radiation therapy machine will be the first of its kind at the hospital.

“The technology of the MR-Linac more extensively limits radiation treatment to only the tumour, and the radiation field follows movements, such as breathing. It also makes it possible to treat tumours that could not be irradiated before”, says Per Munck af Rosenschöld, Head of Radiation Physics and Radiotherapy and adjunct professor at Lund University.