Infectious diseases

We specialise in different types of serious or severe infections in the field of infectious diseases.

We treat patients with severe sepsis or severe forms of pneumonia, febrile urinary tract infection or erysipelas. We also treat meningitis, tuberculosis, heart valve infections and infectious complications following various types of surgery or treatments that affect the immune system.

We accept patients with infectious diseases who need to be cared for in isolation due to acute diarrhoea, influenza or carriage of resistant bacteria. We also accept patients who have been infected by infectious diseases abroad.

Our clinics in Lund and Malmö see many patients who are covered by the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act. We work on contact tracing and counselling in both healthcare and the community. Our needle exchange centres in Lund and Malmö work to prevent infectious diseases.

About 350 people are currently working in the field of infectious diseases.


Research in the field of infectious diseases is rooted in our healthcare activities, and we are attempting to understand the mechanisms of infectious diseases using information from this and advanced laboratory methods.

There are almost 30 doctors with doctorates at the research unit, and there is extensive collaboration between research at the unit and experimental research at Lund University. We conduct research on a wide range of topics such as: sepsis and other serious bacterial infections, HIV and tuberculosis in low-income countries, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.