A new hospital campus for modern care

Photo: Pierre Ekman
The Skåne University Hospital campus in Malmö is undergoing modernisation to provide patients with highly specialised care now and in the future. The campus will include a new hospital building with a total of 244 single rooms, wards, 23 modern operating rooms, and a sterile processing unit with robotics. In 2024, the first department will move in.

The project not only involves the construction of a new hospital building but also includes a new service building and logistics centre with a 24-hour open laboratory. Additionally, the project includes a new mortuary, an expanded pneumatic tube system, technical infrastructure, and culverts with robotic trucks.

In other words, significant parts of today's hospital campus in Malmö are being modernised. This is a necessary step since the campus has grown organically, one building at a time, and many of the buildings are now outdated and located far apart.

Rebuilding the existing buildings to meet modern demands for highly specialised care is neither possible nor economically justifiable. With the new hospital building, the campus will consist of facilities focused on providing the best possible patient care.

The new hospital campus will include:

  • 10 wards with 244 single rooms, with 22 of them adapted for intermediate care
  • 23 operating rooms with 12 preparation rooms and 46 post-operative beds
  • Intensive care unit with 14 beds for adults and children
  • Arrival department for elective surgery
  • Centrally located sterile technology unit for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilising medical instruments
  • Day care clinic
  • Administrative facilities
  • Public facilities such as pharmacy, kiosk, café, etc.
  • Changing room and bicycle garage