Our department of urology at Skåne University Hospital is a major academic urology centre in Scandinavia and a national co-ordinating centre for penile cancer. In southern Sweden, the department is a urology centre for open surgery, kidney stone treatment, and urodynamics.

Laparoscopic surgery was initiated here in the mid 1990s. Today, it is one of the leading centres for robotic surgery in Sweden and the volume of robotic radical prostatectomy is around 400 cases per year. Robotic surgery is also applied on kidney, bladder and ureter surgery.

The department is in the research frontline of prostate cancer, urotelial cancer, kidney cancer and functional urology. Since 1996, the department has been a partner in several research programs sponsored by the European Union and Marie Curie training programs.

Ongoing collaboration exists with major international urological centres, for example Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, New York, University of Oxford, United Kingdom and Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam.