Organ transplantation

Skåne University Hospital provides transplantation of kidneys, pancreases, hearts and lungs.

Solid organ transplantation – abdominal organs

We provide care to patients throughout the Southern Health Care Region in Sweden (consisting of the regions Blekinge, Kronoberg, Skåne and southern Halland) who are to undergo transplantation of a kidney or pancreas. We are also experienced in transplantation of the insulin producing cells from pancreas called islets.

Here, transplant surgeons and transplant coordinators work closely as a team. The team follows the patient through all phases of medical care on a continuing basis in collaboration with other departments in the region such as childrens-, kidney- and diabetes health care, intensive care and clinical immunology.

The transplant organization maintains on call service for donation- and transplantation programs, 24/7 all days of the year, in its catchment area in the Southern Health Care Region.

Some examples which involve our department are:

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Solid organ transplantation – thoracic organs

Skåne University Hospital has over 25 years of experience in heart and lung transplants. Today, we are one of only two hospitals in the country that have been entrusted with performing these transplants. Every year, around 50 people get a new heart or new lungs at our hospital.

Heart and lung transplants are two medical areas where Skåne University Hospital has been assigned to perform National specialised medical care by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

National specialised medical care - Skåne University Hospital (

Research and organizational development

Transplantation is a dynamic medical area constantly under development to create possibilities for more patients to undergo transplantation. One important goal is to develop newer and better methods in organ transplantation for both adults and children by participating in national and international projects.

Clinical trials and experimental research are performed here. We work actively, in international collaborations, to introduce clinical trials of high quality. Apart from research there is also ongoing organizational development which include, among other things, updating our knowledge about new strategies for care and treatment, continuous education of new staff members and regular teaching by physicians and other health care staff.